Cat Battle Armor

Prepare your cat for battle with this comfortable, flexible leather armor set. Whether your furry friend is stepping onto the battlefield to hunt tasty birds and rodents, or is trying to defend itself from pesky neighborhood cats, this armor will offer optimal protection. Sold on Etsy.

I need dis for all the cats in my house. I will recruit my roommate’s cats and form a cat army.



More Theatrhythm Static Arts mini figures ⊟

Moogles, Chochobos, and Squall turned into Theatrhythm-style figures! Tifa was shown a while back — as were Sephiroth and Cloud — but the other three were just posted on Facebook by Square Enix’s Hidemi Matsuzuka. No word yet on when these will come out in Japan. Thanks to Natalie from Tomopop for the link!

God, I love seeing Indieszero’s art style for this game brought to life. Speaking of, there’s a ton of new character art and a couple new trailers for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call posted at 4gamer.

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